Why Is a Movie Good?

A movie is a film that tells a story. Films have many different genres (types of stories). Some movies are historical, some are science fiction and others are dramas. Movies can be funny, scary, romantic or sad. People watch movies to enjoy them and sometimes to learn something. Movies are made by a team of people called the crew. They include the director, writer and actors. Movies are made in a studio and put on film reels. Then people in a theater watch them on a big screen. They use a projector to shine light through the film and the picture appears on the screen.

Some movies win Oscars, which are prizes given to the best films of the year. The movie makers hope that the awards will make their movie popular so that lots of people will see it. The movie industry is a business, so the studios want to make money by making movies that are successful. If a movie is a hit, the studios will make more of the same type of movie.

Some famous movie stars have many movies that are hits. For example, Tom Cruise has done many movies that are very popular. People love to watch him because he is an actor and does his own stunts in the movies. Some of his movies are comedy, some are action and some are romances.

The main reason a movie is good is because it makes the audience feel something. For example, a movie about a woman who loses her husband makes the audience feel sad and cry. It also makes them think about how they would feel if they were in the woman’s shoes. The movie is very moving and is a classic love story.

Another reason a movie is good is because it gives the audience an important message. For example, the movie It’s a Wonderful Life teaches the audience that they should appreciate what they have. The movie also teaches the audience to never give up, even if they are not sure that they can achieve their goal.

Many movies have a happy ending, which means that all the problems in the movie are solved and everybody lives happily ever after. This is a good message to give to the audience.

Some movies are considered “so bad they’re good.” This means that the movie is so terrible that it is fun to watch. Some examples of this kind of movie are the Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Astrologer and Creatures from the Abyss.

The best movie is one that makes the viewer happy, entertained and educated. The movie should have a lot of action and be exciting. It should also have a good story and great acting. A good movie is also memorable, so that people can talk about it with their friends and family. They may remember the characters, the music and the special effects. This is a good way to remember the movie and it will stay with them for a long time.